Recorded Future launches $20 million ‘Intelligence Fund’ for early-stage entrepreneurs

Recorded-Future-launches-$20-million-‘Intelligence-Fund’-for-early-stage-entrepreneurs(source: SaaS Industry)

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Recorded Future, a threat intelligence organization, is launching a $20 million Intelligence Fund. Startups who have already obtained venture capital investment will be eligible for seed and Series A investment from the fund. Insight Partners, a private equity fund, bought Recorded Future in 2019 for $780 million.

A $20 million fund, called Intelligence Fund, is being launched by Recorded Future, a threat intelligence firm, for early-stage entrepreneurs building unique data analytics technologies.

According to Recorded Future, the Intelligence Fund will provide seed and Series A funding to startups that have already received venture capital funding, as well as resources to assist with the development and integration of intelligence applications to help them accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

The firm, which provides information to help customers better understand the external cyber threats they face, will invest in startups that aim to solve significant problems requiring novel approaches using data sets and collection platforms, ranging from technical internet sensors to satellites.

It’s also interested in investing in businesses that are developing intelligence analysis toolsets that leverage AI and machine learning, as well as intelligence-driven products that can be incorporated into its Intelligence Platform and ecosystem.

In a world of aggressive uncertainty, intelligence is the only equalizer. With the launch of the Intelligence Fund, we are investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs who share our vision for securing the world with intelligence.

Christopher Ahlberg, co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future

Future investments might be made with an eye on the acquisition, Recorded Future said. Still, money may also be offered solely because the firm would make a suitable business or technical partner.

Insight Partners, a private equity firm, purchased Recorded Future for $780 million in 2019. The deal essentially bought out the company’s previous investors, including Google’s venture arm GV and In-Q-Tel, the US intelligence community’s nonprofit investment arm.

Cyberattacks continue to impact global enterprises across the globe, and we’re excited to see Recorded Future invest in intelligence startups tackling the business-critical issues that organizations face today. The Intelligence Fund will provide the resources needed by entrepreneurs to build applications with data and mathematics at the core.

Michael Triplett, managing partner at Insight Partners
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