RapidDeploy raises $29m in Morpheus Ventures-led Series B fund

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Austin-based RapidDeploy, which provides dispatch technologies and cloud-based services for 911 centers, has raised $29 million in a Series B fund led by Morpheus Ventures. The proceeds shall be used in the continuous improvement of their SaaS tools and in growing their business.

The valuation, however, has remained undisclosed. The funding round witnessed participation from GreatPoint Ventures, Ericsson Ventures, Samsung Next, Tao Capital Partners, and Tau Ventures.

RapidDeploy’s tech prowess

The advent of the pandemic had highlighted the significance of an efficient emergency response service to ensure provisioning help to those in need in various situations. RapidDeploy supports this vital link between emergency calls and connecting them to the nearest medical, police, or fire assistance by providing data to the 911 centers. 

Their tech, RapidPlus mapping platform, uses smartphone data, data from vehicles, and other connected devices, all of which help a center determine the information on the caller, such as his location and potentially his condition. Coupled with RapidPlus, their Eclipse Analytics services assist these centers by providing insights on how to respond to such callers. Additionally, through their Nimbus CAD, assistance on who to call will also be provided to centers.

Reports state that in the long run, RapidDeploy shall aim to leverage this cloud architecture by introducing new ways of communicating between callers, centers, and other emergency care providers.

Stressing the need for unified communications, Steven Raucher, Co-founder and CEO of RapidDeploy, added,

It is about being more of a triage service rather than a message switch.  

As we see it, the platform will evolve with customers’ needs. Tactical mapping ultimately is not big enough to cover this. We’re thinking about unified communications.” Indeed, that is the direction that many of these services seem to be going, which can only be a good thing for us consumers.” 

Commenting on the investment, Mark Dyne, founding partner at Morpheus Ventures, who joined the RapidDeploy board with this round, said,

We believe that the platform RapidDeploy has built provides the necessary breadth of capabilities that make the dream of Next-Gen 9-1-1 service a reality for rural and metropolitan communities across the nation and are excited to be investing in this future with Steve and his team.”

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