Ramco Systems’ aviation software to be used by Houston’s Bristow Group

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Ramco Systems’ aviation software will now be used by Bristow Group in its operations. The announcement comes after Iraqi Airways decided to use its software two weeks ago. The share prices of Ramco Systems witnessed a jump post the release, akin to the jump it witnessed during the Iraqi announcement. Ramco’s software shall help in maintenance and engineering operations

Global aviation software provider Ramco Systems has announced in a press release that its aviation software will be implemented in the operations of the US-based Bristow Group Inc. Following the release, Ramco Systems’ share price witnessed a jump. 

What does it do?

According to Ramco System, its software- Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Software V5.8, shall help digitally transform engineering and maintenance of Bristow’s operations, helping them attain smart inventory, maintenance management using its M&O (Maintenance and Operations), and streamline organizational workflows. By integrating its software with Bristow’s financial applications, the company can help Bristow achieve on-time billing and financial closure.

The latest press release is preceded by another in May, which also triggered a jump in Ramco Systems’ share price, where it had announced that Iraqui Airways would use their aviation software. 

Bristow Group is one of the world’s largest helicopter operators, which provides offshore transportation, search and rescue (SAR) services, and aircraft support activities to government and civil organizations across the globe. Their merger with Era Group has made them the largest civilian offshore SAR solution provider.

Commenting on the implementation, Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems, said that this partnership underscored their track record as a leading software provider for the tractor wing segment.

By harnessing the innovative features of our software, we are confident Bristow will be able to optimize its operational efficiency and accelerate its digital transformation strategy.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems

Stuart Stavley, senior vice president of global fleet management at Bristow Group, was optimistic about Bristow’s venture with Ramco Systems’ software and added

When Bristow and Era merged, we had a decision to make on the go-forward software. Era shared a decade-long partnership and has been pleased with Ramco’s robust compliance and inventory management solutions. Our experience with Ramco’s proven global solutions was key in our selection. We look forward to our journey with Ramco.

Stuart Stavley, senior vice president of global fleet management at Bristow Group
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