PropLogix receives strategic growth investment from Accel-KKR

SaaS News - PropLogix receives strategic growth investment from Accel-KKR (source: SaaS Industry)
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PropLogix secures an undisclosed strategic growth investment from Accel-KKR to accelerate market expansion, product development and M&A opportunities. The company provides proprietary workflow automation software, innovative SaaS and digital marketplace solutions to help customers accelerate their time-to-value

PropLogix, a property intelligence and closing solutions provider, recently secured a strategic growth investment from a technology-focused private equity firm Accel-KKR. It plans to accelerate market expansion, scale product development, and pursue mergers and acquisition opportunities using the investment, a press release from PropLogix said.

PropLogix, founded in 2010, aspires to drive significant value for title agents, underwriters, homebuyers and sellers using its property intelligence and closing solutions. The company states that the current homebuying process is fragmented and fraught, taking months to close with inefficiencies and redundancies. PropLogix looks to improve this.

Through due diligence services using proprietary workflow automation software and innovative SaaS and digital marketplace solutions, PropLogix helps customers accelerate time-to-value by reducing the frustration felt by real estate transaction counterparties in pre and post-escrow closing periods. 

Jesse Biter, CEO of PropLogix, stated that PropLogix provides a better alternative to tedious and fragmented title search processes with blindspots in information while buying a home.

Fast forward a decade later, PropLogix is a technology-first leader in title due diligence, and we continue to see substantial growth year-over-year as thousands of customers fall in love with the benefits of efficiencies, speed and accuracy gained from using our proprietary software and digital services. The real estate market is still in the nascent stage of digital transformation, so we are very excited about partnering with Accel-KKR and tapping their software experience and significant resources to capitalize on the industry growth

Jesse Biter, CEO of PropLogix

PropLogix stated that it achieved a 256 percent growth rate over the most recent three-year period. Greg Williams, managing director at Accel-KKR, expressed delight at PropLogix’s deep domain expertise, market vision and strong team culture and added,

As a partner to PropLogix, Accel-KKR is committed to and focused on providing capital and expertise to help the entire PropLogix team accelerate growth and scale their product and development capabilities

Greg Williams, Managing Director at Accel-KKR.
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