Productiv Raises $45M To Accelerate SaaS-Driven Business Transformation

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Productiv, a real-time engagements and insights management platform, has recently raised $45M in the Series C round led by IVP, taking their total valuation to $73M. Due to these financing changes, IVP member Steve Harrick is all set to join the Board of Directors at Productiv. There is no denying the fact the global acceptance of enterprise SaaS among businesses has increased over the years. However, there has also been a noticeable decrease in SaaS’s transparency operations offered to users.

Jody Shapiro, the former head of Project Management at Google Analytics, tackled this reduced transparency by building a platform called Productiv. When he was working at Google, he noticed the various complexities around the CIO role, which could be reduced. “When I was at Google, I witnessed firsthand how Google Analytics’ quantification of marketing efforts transformed the CMO role but marveled that nothing like that existed for CIOs”, said Shapiro. This is what inspired him to create Productiv. With this platform, CIOs now don’t have to keep track of the constantly growing SaaS portfolios and waste their time there.

They can get relevant insights and those recommendations that can be worked upon for the firm’s benefit. Therefore, this helps them understand how their employees are making use of the SaaS interfaces. The automation in the system helps the CIO to understand which projects are beneficial for the firm to a larger extent so that they can prioritize that..

Every company now is working with several SaaS interfaces which all have their data, analytics, maintenance, among other factors to take care of. But with Productiv, the CIOs can now focus on the more important aspect of the SaaS interfaces and spend more time finding out conclusions from those interfaces.

“We are solving a problem that every company faces today: an explosion in the number of SaaS applications in use—always hundreds, sometimes thousands—with more and more purchased outside of IT. Managing all of these applications is overwhelmingly complicated in breadth and depth: from securing, provisioning, and renewing apps to answering questions of ‘am I getting fair business value from each, and that’s not even addressing the more important question, which is about the larger employee experience—as an IT leader, am I truly enabling collaboration and productivity across the entire organization? The answers to all of these questions are via data, analytics, workflows, and automation, and that what we do at Productiv”, said Jody Shapiro about the work at Productiv.

With this funding in hand, the firm is all set to expand itself and make the work of every enterprise easier. Due to the recent increase in remote working, SaaS working has increased more than ever. And this is what is inspiring the 75 employees at Productiv to set their best foot and provide more clients with the benefits that their platform has to offer.

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