Privacera Provides Enterprise-Ready Data Access Governance and Security with New AWS EMR Record Server Integration

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Privacera, a leading cloud data governance and security enterprise, was founded by Apache Ranger’s creators. The firm has announced a new integration today with Amazon Elastic MapReduce or EMR. With this, the open-source capabilities of Apache Ranger will increase considerably as the EMR Record Server will be able to provide joint customers with Privacera’s centralized and fine-grained access controls given with its enterprise-grade security. This integration will now be available in the latest release of the firm’s data access governance platform.

Now that many organizations are looking forward to forming multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure, the factors of security, governance, and effective access control must be put into thought. This is because overlooking these aspects can put sensitive information at stake, which can be very dangerous for any company. Considering these complex environments, the companies tend to pressure the data teams that spend lots of time managing unique access controls and formulating policies across various cloud services and applications.

As specified by Gartner, “To ensure operational control, enterprise wants to unify administration and monitoring of their IT systems. They want to standardize policies, procedures, and processes and share some tools- especially those that enable cost governance and optimization- across multiple cloud providers.” Now the integration of Apache Ranger with cloud services like Amazon EMR will enable enterprises to implement access controls, as they will transfer all their analytical workloads to the cloud. Through the cloud services, the company will provide access control with Lake Formation through Secret Agent and Record Server. The service aims at providing controls for user’s requests to access data for Apache Hive and Apache Spark workloads on EMR.

By connecting the Record Server of the EMR to Privacera’s range-based data access and governance platform, the various firms will have the opportunity to sync the existing policies with the solution provided by EMR to further fully automate their data access governance processes. This will simplify their administration, and further help harden the client firm’s data privacy and security. Privacera has successfully become the first SaaS-based data governance and security solution for the industry. It is capable of integrating compliance with privacy through the various cloud service platforms. By making use of PrivaceraCloud, the organizations can also get access to strong data governance, security, and privacy in a few minutes. This has eliminated the need for any manual processes by thereby making the most workload automatic. It has further reduced the need for the client to manually install or upgrade software packages to remain compliant with the ever-changing world of compliances and regulations.

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