Privacera and StreamSets enter partnership to offer secure data operations for customers

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Privacera and StreamSets have announced a partnership to offer customers more secure and rapid data operations with reinforced security and compliance.

Privacera, a SaaS-based data security and governance platform provider, has entered a technology partnership with StreamSets, a DataOps platform provider to provide reinforced and secure data operations, a press release from Privacera said.

According to Privacera, data is sourced from many applications and disparate systems during transiting to the cloud, often managed and operated by different employees in an organization. When data teams access data from here to build integration pipelines, sensitive data within these systems must be encrypted for protection. 

Privacera stated that the partnership would protect its joint customers’ data while accessing it for processing or during migration from on-premises to the cloud or during ETL (extract, transform and load) processes. With the partnership, Privacera would provide StreamSets users column-level encryption to ensure end-to-end data protection. Additionally, it would enable customers to safeguard against unauthorized use and ensure compliance.

“The combination of Privacera and StreamSets enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation by providing a centralized solution for data integration and governance across the open cloud— no matter where data resides,”

Vincent Goveas, director of product management at Privacera, said.

For StreamSet, Privacera’s integrated encryption and decryption capabilities would make more data accessible to its data engineers without exposing sensitive elements. It accelerates secure and efficient data analysis and provides safe democratization of data across various business units to save enterprises time while performing data analytics.

“As companies aim to deliver continuous data, StreamSets and Privacera keep pace with our joint customers’ needs by providing a seamless, centralized data integration and governance solution that secures data across multi- or hybrid-cloud architectures,”

Mary Berg, vice president of worldwide business development at StreamSets, said.
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