Pickrr launches “Fastrr,” an advanced checkout system to improve buyer and seller experience. 

Pickrr, a SaaS-based logistics technology startup based in India, has released ‘Fastrr,’ a multi-layered AI-powered advanced checkout solution. 

Fastrr provides customers with a seamless and improved buying experience with one-click easy checkout. The system uses over 100 data points to give the retailers superior data analytics based on customers’ shopping behaviors and payment methods, reducing cart abandonment.

Fastrr’s AI-powered address verification decreases fraud and wrong-address concerns by 50% and speeds up delivery time by another 20%, resulting in a gain of 80% in customer satisfaction. It uses data from Pickrr Predict to assess pin codes with a higher likelihood of order return, lowering RTO by 30% for merchants. 

Fastrr delivers a quick and secure checkout experience with more than 90% EDD accuracy, thanks to Pickrr’s six-year shipping data curation. Fastrr’s OTP log-in process eliminates the time-consuming process of manually filling out large forms, making checkout up to 70% faster and with minimal trouble.

“The launch of Fastrr Checkout will bring disruption in the industry as the brands will be able to address the various significant challenges they have been facing. Fastrr ascertains a quick and secure checkout experience and advanced features like delivery logistics integration and RTO prediction. Additionally, it also helps in the safe payments process and big data analytics. Pickrr has mastered the D2C space by serving 100M+ orders across 29K+ delivery pin-codes for more than six years,”

Gaurav Mangla, CEO & Co-Founder of Pickrr

We discovered recurring challenges for D2C businesses over time, such as high cart abandonment, Return to Origin losses, COD-related concerns, and so on. Companies will be able to overcome these pain points with the help of Fastrr simple checkout.

Fastrr has a comprehensive checkout architecture that gives customers the option of paying with pre-paid money. The seamless checkout also leads to direct access to over a million clients who are most likely to make a purchase, resulting in a significant increase in conversions.

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