Peter Boyce II quits General Catalyst; starts his own firm
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Peter Boyce II, a General Catalyst partner, has left the company to form his own firm called Stellation Capital. He plans to raise $40M for his company’s fund. Mr. Boyce joined GC in 2013 and is in charge of Ro, Macro, towerIQ, and Atom investments.

General Catalyst’s partner Peter Boyce II has resigned from the company to start his firm. He was promoted to the position of a partner nearly a year ago. 

Mr. Boyce’s new firm is called Stellation Capital, and according to filings, he is planning to raise $40 million for the debut fund. 

Boyce joined GC in 2013 and has been responsible for investments in Ro, Macro, towerIQ, and Atom. He’s also backed Giphy,, and Circle, among other portfolio businesses. Aside from GC, Boyce has co-created and led Rough Draft Ventures. This program helps incubate and encourage entrepreneurship on college campuses by incubating businesses developed by students and recent grads.

It’s unclear what the firm’s check size and frequency will be, but it did mention on the website that it aims to fund successful firms in their “early phases.”

Stellation Capital will invest in early-stage companies based on Mr. Boyce’s experience and reputation. According to the company’s website, the name is taken from the Latin word stella, which means star.

The technique of extending a polygon in additional dimensions to produce a new shape… much like we’re stretching the potential of a founder into new possibilities.

According to the company’s website
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