Pentathlon Ventures closes its first fund of $10.3M

At a Glance

Pentathlon Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage B2B SaaS, has announced the final close of its INR 76 crore first Fund. Pentathlon plans to invest in 20+ B2B SaaS startups each year, with average investments ranging from INR 75 lakh to INR 3 crore.

Pentathlon Ventures, an early-stage B2B SaaS-focused VC firm, has announced the final close of its oversubscribed first Fund, which has secured investments up to INR 76 crore ( approx. $ 10.3 million).  

Pentathlon intends to invest in 20+ B2B SaaS startups per year, with average investments ranging between INR 75 lakh (approx. $ 0.1 million) and INR 3 crore (approx. $ 0.4 million).

We appreciate the confidence and trust our investors have shown in our team and strategy. Not to mention the unwavering support of the brilliant entrepreneurs who continue to partner with us.”

Gireendra Kasmalkar, managing partner, Pentathlon Ventures

Pentathlon’s managing partners are all “founders turned funders” who are actively involved in all material aspects of the early-stage business-building process. The fund’s founders are sought after by tech entrepreneurs for their deep domain knowledge, global reach, and hard-won experience scaling various tech ventures.

One of the fund’s primary objectives is to identify and collaborate with individuals who exhibit the “DNA of Scale.” Startups with this distinct characteristic demonstrate a thorough understanding of their market as well as their limitations. Their founders are also dynamic and innovative, operating with agility, tenacity, and speed.

We are proud to say companies in our portfolio showed great resilience during the recent pandemic downturn. Their solid performances coupled with the consistency of our investment strategy are what I think ultimately struck a chord with a world-class pool of investors.

Saurabh Lahoti, managing partner, Pentathlon Ventures

This Pune-based fund, founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, will continue to focus on early-stage B2B SaaS startups. Pentathlon Ventures is led by industry veterans Gireendra Kasmalkar (Ideas to Impacts), Sandeep Chawda (formerly MD at Globant India), Madhukar Bhatia (co-founder Sapience Analytics), Saurabh Lahoti (has previously run three early-stage funds), Hemant Joshi (co-founder Sapience Analytics), and Shashank Deshpande (co-founder Clarice Technologies).

A board of advisors, including industry stalwarts such as Shirish Deodhar (Serial Entrepreneur), Martin Umaran (Globant), Mohan Kumar (Avataar Ventures), Pravin Bhalerao (Pranitya Wealth), and Abhishant Pant, is assisting the partners in this regard (The Fintech meetup).

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