Payix teams up with LoanPro to optimize payments and communications for lenders

SaaS News - Payix teams up with LoanPro to optimize payments and communications for lenders (source: SaaS Industry)
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Payix teams up with LoanPro to help the latter’s clients afford its custom white-labeled tool suite that improves payments collections. The partnership is aimed at improving the lenders’ payment collecting processes.

Payix, borrowing-facing and collections tools provider, has announced a partnership with LoanPro, a SaaS-based programmable lending solutions provider, to optimize payments and communications for lenders, loan servicers, and their customers.

The partnership would enable LoanPro clients to afford a custom white-labeled, natively integrated suite of tools that improve how lenders collect payments. In a press release, Payix stated that LoanPro clients could quickly deploy custom, integrated payments with its white-labeled payments software. Preston Cecil, co-founder and COO of Payix, expressed delightment at the partnership and added,

We are thrilled to be partnering with a first-class organization like LoanPro. Their highly configurable loan management system is top-notch and has unique synergies with our white-labeled, borrower-facing software and payment processing platform. The integration will not only benefit the 600+ current LoanPro customers but also bring a complete, end-to-end product offering to the lender market,

Preston Cecil, co-founder and COO of Payix

The Payix omnichannel tool suite includes an iOS and Android mobile application, a text pay solution and a unique Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool. It allows native integration with the LoanPro system. Payix stated that with the Payix integration, lenders could create one-time and recurring payments for borrowers. Additionally, when any action is performed within LoanPro, it reflects in the borrower-facing Payix tools, maintaining sync between the two platforms.

Lloyd Roberts, co-founder and CRO of LoanPro, stated that the pandemic had made borrowers accustomed to and demand enhanced customer experiences with digital payments. 

By combining LoanPro’s nextgen LMS with Payix’s suite of borrower payment & communication channels, this demand is met, and our lenders are better served so that they can better solve the problems their borrowers are looking to have solved. We look forward to this new partnership with Payix and all that we will accomplish together to truly better serve our lender partners

Lloyd Roberts, co-founder and CRO of LoanPro
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