ParkOffice launches new parking solution Spotshare
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Spotshare, a new parking solution from ParkOffice, a parking software for smart offices. On a supply-demand basis, Spotshare analyses the needs of other tenants and allows businesses to swap parking spaces.

ParkOffice, a parking software for smart offices, has launched its new offering Spotshare, the company’s press release said. The innovation, called “the stock exchange of employee parking,” will allow a variety of businesses to share, swap, and sell parking spaces based on demand. As people throughout the UK return to work, it is anticipated that Spotshare will help to decrease the stress associated with parking.

Employees and firms in multi-tenant office buildings will be relieved by Park Office’s new Spotshare data-powered software, which allows them to easily share parking spaces when demand allows. The main advantages include minimising waste and stress by providing assured parking spots for employees and allowing firms to defer parking costs. Spotshare, which identifies the needs of other tenants on a supply-demand basis and allows enterprises to trade parking places, is hailed as the way of the future.

The launch of Spotshare comes at a time when commuters feel extremely anxious about returning to the workplace. Our new feature aims to relieve the headaches and stress associated with navigating workplace parking by encouraging companies within the same buildings to share spaces with others. Through Spotshare we hope to make the return to the office as stress-free as possible with minimum disruption to employees and employers.

Garret Flower, CEO and founder of ParkOffice

ParkOffice’s ‘Newton,’ a smart employee parking algorithm, underpins Spotshare. Newton enables businesses to automate all aspects of the sharing process, including security, payments, and restrictions on where and how spaces can be used. ParkOffice claims that it has saved at least 600,000 kilometres by reducing the amount of time employees spend on the road.

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