Palo Alto Networks launches a Firewall Service for AWS to Accelerate Enterprise Journey to Cloud

California headquartered Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity company, has announced a partnership with AWS to launch the new Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW, a managed Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) service designed to simplify securing AWS deployments, allowing organisations to accelerate their pace of innovation while remaining highly secure.

Cloud NGFW for AWS shifts the operational responsibility, including deployment, maintenance, availability, and scale, to Palo Alto Networks. Recognizing that customers prefer to devote their time and resources to developing applications and running their businesses rather than managing cloud network security infrastructure. 

“Now, as cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations are looking for network security that is as easy to deploy as other native AWS services. We are thrilled to team with AWS to combine the top-notch security we are known for with the world-class experience people have come to expect from AWS.”

Anand Oswal, Senior vice president of Network Security at Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW, integrated with AWS Firewall Manager, is designed to combine the protection that Palo Alto Networks is known for with the unparalleled simplicity that organisations require.

“As a SaaS startup our application is the lifeblood of our business so it needs to be protected with best-in-class security, But, we want to spend our time helping our customers optimize their Helium hotspot placement and not deploying and managing firewalls, so it has to be extremely easy to use. Because Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW is a managed cloud service, it’s simple for us to consume, and because it’s from Palo Alto Networks we have confidence in the security it delivers.”

Aidan Curry, CEO of HotspotRF

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is a multinational cybersecurity company based in Santa Clara, California. Its core products are platforms with firewalls and cloud-based services that extend those firewalls to cover other aspects of security.

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