Openbots launches its SaaS-based cloud hosted RPA solution, Openbots CloudServer

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CloudServer, a SaaS-based, cloud-hosted RPA service, has been introduced by OpenBots, an open-source RPA platform. The new CloudServer is cloud-based, making it a dependable, scalable, and secure option. Its usage-based approach saves clients money by charging per-minute use rather than per-bot or per number of machines/users.

Openbots, an open-source RPA platform, has announced the launch of OpenBots CloudServer, a SaaS-based, cloud-hosted RPA offering.

By providing companies and developers with a seamless and clear experience, OpenBots eliminates needless jargon like “RPA as a Service” and far-fetched claims like “Cloud-first” in the field of RPA; they remain the only vendor in the industry actively democratizing RPA. Process automation is now available to all organizations thanks to zero bot license and usage-based cloud orchestration.

OpenBots is transforming how organizations approach automation by allowing them to develop RPA bots without any license charges and operate them on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model using both OpenBots CloudServer and on-prem orchestration. The platform’s growing popularity represents a welcome paradigm shift in the corporate automation market, which pay-per-bot commercial products have long dominated. 

The new CloudServer from OpenBots is cloud-based, making it a reliable, scalable, and secure alternative. Scalable execution, shared file storage, queue management, a credentials vault, dashboards, and extensive logs of completed automation are all included in CloudServer’s orchestration capabilities. The CloudServer can also handle on-premises agents and upload automation packages developed in OpenBots studio.

Almost all RPA Vendors charge you by the Bot and then charge additional usage-based Orchestration fees. With OpenBots, you can build unlimited Bots without any license fees, and you only pay for usage-based Cloud Orchestration when your digital worker is on the job, just like you would with any other employee.

Ashish Nangla, CTO of OpenBots

OpenBots not only enables organizations to build and scale enterprise automations but also allows managed services providers to build industry-led automation solutions and monetize them without worrying about underlying per-bot license costs. OpenBots has proven to be a reliable platform for building entire automation-led business models by removing the licensing fee, not just one-off automations. The OpenBots platform is unique as it includes all the core RPA capabilities on-premises and on the cloud as well as offers its Documents and Discovery products to analyze and build automation with advanced Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

Ashish Nangla, CTO of OpenBots

CloudServer’s usage-based approach saves clients money by charging per-minute use rather than per-bot or per-number of machines/users.

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