OneDay raises $19M from Volition Capital in a Series B round

SaaS news - OneDay raises $19M from Volition Capital in a Series B round (source: SaaS Industry)
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OneDay, a Texas-based SaaS company, has raised $19M in a Series B round led by Volition Capital. The funds will be used to assist OneDay in expanding its market, employ key personnel, and continue to invest in best-in-class technology.

OneDay, a SaaS company, has announced that it has raised $19 million in a Series B funding round led by Volition Capital. OneDay is a SaaS startup located in Texas that uses video storytelling technology to help businesses increase revenue and consumer engagement. 

The funds will be utilized to accelerate OneDay’s growth through key hiring, market expansion, and continuing investment in best-in-class technology that will enable organizations to use video to drive growth and engagement. OneDay has raised a total of $25 million to date.

By simplifying the video content development process, OneDay adds value to organizations across different sectors. OneDay’s SaaS technology records and distributes high-quality videos in seconds, personalizing the sales process, enhancing marketing capabilities, and increasing engagement – all of which lead to increased income for its customers.

We know there’s a massive business opportunity for video storytelling across the markets we currently serve. In addition to marketing and sales, our products are being used to foster resident engagement, fuel employee hiring, and retention, and strengthen human connection using video.

Clint Lee, co-founder and CEO of OneDay

He added, “Working closely in the senior living industry for over four years, we’ve seen the power of video storytelling and its impact on businesses and the lives they serve. With this new partnership with Volition Capital, we will continue to build and scale our innovative technology so more businesses and individuals can leverage video to drive results in their business.”

OneDay for Senior Care, the company’s main product, introduced in 2017, enables senior living homes to digitally capture and preserve their members’ life experiences while also increasing occupancy. OneDay has created a fast-growing SaaS video technology firm by addressing a rising market demand for an accessible video storytelling platform and expanded its platform into the multi-family and funeral industries.

There is a significant growth opportunity for video platforms that increase real estate occupancy rates and improve resident experiences. OneDay’s self-serve video platform, market validation in senior living, and ambitious executive team have enabled it to build a strong brand and dominant market share across key categories. We see OneDay strengthening its leadership position with a continued trend towards the use of personalized video content for tenant sales and engagement.

Sean Cantwell, a managing partner at Volition Capital

Convey by OneDay, a property technology video platform developed for multi-family leasing agents was launched in June 2021. It personalizes the sales process by using high-quality films to engage with potential and current residents, promote communities, and reduce sales cycles. In June 2020, OneDay introduced Reflect by OneDay, a service for funeral homes that allows family and friends to digitally collect memories and experiences to create a personal video documentary of a loved one’s life.

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