announced the completion of a $6 million seed round, a revenue lifecycle platform designed for current SaaS businesses, recently announced the completion of a $6 million seed round led by Information Venture Partners and joined by NextWorld Capital, SVTech, Bluefish, and a group of established industrial angel investors. 

The investment round will enable Nue to use real-time analytics to help businesses explore new and manage the customer revenue lifecycles end-to-end.

“It became clear when talking to SaaS companies that they needed a new approach to let RevOps teams operationalize their sales processes and innovate. This means bringing your customer along a lifecycle, where you can land and expand your business and then offer revenue analytics every step of the journey, from sales to finance,”

Kate McCullough, Co-founder of Nue.

Nue, brought by Tina Kung and Kate McCullough, offers a universal RevOps forum tailored to meet the needs of businesses today in terms of innovation and end-to-end management of their customer revenue lifecycles. RevOps teams can use Nue to accelerate sales by using advanced pricing structures and automated processes (direct and self-service commerce) to organize quotes, orders, renewals, and billing – all while giving reliable metrics to Finance.

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