nOps teams up with Stratpoint to extend its AWS cloud management presence in the Philippines market

SaaS News -nOps-Partners-with-Stratpoint-to-Expand-Its-AWS-Cloud-Management-Presence-to-the-Philippines (source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

nOps has announced a partnership with Stratpoint to extend its AWS cloud management prowess in the Philippines, expand its reach in Asia to help its customers build, monitor and secure optimized AWS infrastructure.

nOps, a SaaS-based cloud management platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has partnered with Stratpoint, a cloud professional services provider, to expand its cloud management capabilities to the Philippines market, a press release from nOps said.

nOps enunciated that the partnership would extend its reach further into Asia and help its customers build, monitor and run secure and optimized AWS infrastructures aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and other industry best practices. Stratpoint, headquartered in the Philippines, allows digital transformation and delivers enterprise-grade solutions, specializing in agile software development, cloud, data, AI and emerging technologies.

Mary Rose dela Cruz, CEO of Stratpoint, stated that the company chose nOps as its cloud management partner because it offers the best tools for managing cloud usage and costs.

“Our partnership with nOps comes at a fortunate time. Companies that have adopted digital and cloud technologies are more equipped to get to the other side of the massive economic shift that is happening today. Stratpoint and many of our clients have long been cloud natives. Together with nOps, we will help Filipino and ASEAN businesses build resilient, future-ready cloud infrastructure,”

Mary Rose dela Cruz, CEO of Stratpoint

nOps, founded in 2015, provides an AI-powered SaaS solution that helps rapid-growth companies build, manage, and operate a well-architected, secure, cost-optimized, reliable and efficient AWS infrastructure. The company stated that Stratpoint was already using its cloud management platform to accelerate assessments of its customers’ AWS infrastructure and identify and remediate high-risk issues (HRIs). 

JT Giri, founder and CEO of nOps, expressed excitement at partnering with Stratpoint, building on the momentum of the AWS Well-Architected Framework adoption in the Asian market. 

“As an nOps user, Stratpoint has experienced firsthand the benefit nOps brings to the review process and its ability to deliver insights into changes in the AWS cloud environment that could impact cost, security, performance, and availability,”

JT Giri, founder and CEO of nOps

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