Night Shift Development announces SaaS version of its flagship product

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Night Shift Development (NSD), makers of ClearQuery, conversational analytics and augmented intelligence platform, announced that their flagship product will now be available as a SaaS offering. NSD will continue to provide for the public sector customers while moving into the private sector.

Night Shift Development (NSD), the makers of ClearQuery, augmented intelligence and conversational analytics platform, announced that the SaaS version of its flagship product is now available for public beta. 

The announcement follows the recently signed OEM cooperation agreement between Night Shift Development and Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. Night Shift Development will continue to market its enterprise solution to customers in the public sector and expand into the commercial sector as an Elastics OEM Partner.

Night Shift Development is dedicated to assisting business customers and domain specialists in processing their data by providing solutions that produce speedy and actionable intelligence. Night Shift Development strives to democratize data and simplify analytics for everyone by removing the normal technical barriers and bottlenecks.

ClearQuery is a nontechnical augmented intelligence and analytics platform that allows end users to quickly search, explore, and analyze their data through an intuitive interface that allows for clear visual, conversational, and traditional search and analytics experiences while producing automated insights as users explore their data. ClearQuery accomplishes this in part by converting natural language questions into Elasticsearch queries.

We believe that every business user – at any technical level in an organization – should be empowered to speak directly with their data and tell stories with it. With our flagship product, ClearQuery, business analysts and domain experts don’t need to learn some complex query language just to get value from their data.

Tim Tutt, CEO and co-founder of Night Shift Development

ClearQuery, Night Shift’s latest SaaS service, is meant to lower the entry barrier to data analytics for business analysts and domain specialists. Users can connect to an existing Elasticsearch cluster, upload a spreadsheet, or connect to a Google Sheet, self-managed or in the cloud.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, free, and open search and analytics engine for all forms of the data part of the Elastic Stack. Elasticsearch is popular among developers because of its speed, scalability, and easy REST APIs, making it simple to get started. ClearQuery expands on this to give business users access to Elasticsearch’s analytic capabilities.

Night Shift is a valued partner to Elastic in the federal market, and we are excited about their expansion into the commercial sector as they continue to pursue their mission of democratizing data analytics with ClearQuery and the Elastic Stack, and enabling users of any technical skill level to realize analytic value from their data.

Steven A. Coles, US Federal at Elastic

ClearyQuery was built from the ground up on top of Elasticsearch, allowing us to bring the best of both offerings to our customers. Elastic has been one of Night Shift’s most strategic partners, and we’re excited to continue developing this relationship and providing significant impact to our customers in both the public and private sectors.

Steven A. Coles, US Federal at Elastic
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