Neverinstall raises $375K in a seed round led by Speciale Invest

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Speciale Invest, a deep-tech venture capital firm, invested $375K in Neverinstall’s seed round. To improve the platform, the money will be utilized to hire a world-class technical staff. The startup intends to give free and open access to software programs without any fees or limitations imposed by the hardware of the user’s device.

Neverinstall has raised $375,000 in a seed funding round led by Speciale Invest, a deep-tech venture capital. Neverinstall is a startup developing a cloud platform for bringing any graphical user interface (GUI) program to the browser, independent of OS or device type.

According to Neverinstall, the seed funding will enable the company to hire a world-class technical team to improve the platform and change the way software is developed, distributed, and utilized.

The startup, founded in 2019 by Lakshmana Pasala and Ram Pasala, aims to provide free and open access to software programs without any fees or restrictions imposed by the user’s device hardware.

The firm said it gives a free plan as the default plan for all customers when they join up to the site, which is available internationally. According to the company, with a default configuration of 2vCPU compute, 4GB memory, and 5GB of storage, users may receive endless hours of use.

Mr. Ram, co-founder, Neverinstall, said, “We aspire to offer an innovative & advanced cloud platform for our customers that offer cost-effective and efficient solutions.”

Mr. Lakshmana, co-founder Neverinstall, said that they appreciate the investors’ support, which gives them great confidence in continuing to grow and enhance their efforts to create a significant paradigm change in this sector.

Through Neverinstall, we are trying to build a cloud platform that gives users the power to access and run native desktop apps over the web through a browser bringing forth an effortless and efficient process.

Lakshmana Pasala, co-founder Neverinstall

We at Speciale Invest are very excited to partner with the NeverInstall team, as they enable developers and knowledge workers to function efficiently without constraints of needing expensive desktop hardware. 

Arjun Rao, a general partner at Speciale Invest

We share NeverInstall’s vision of moving all client-side compute to the cloud – from browsers to other desktop apps – powered by cutting edge streaming tech and distributed cloud orchestration made available to everyone at the click of a button.

Arjun Rao, a general partner at Speciale Invest
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