Microsoft’s new OS Windows 11 to take on Apple’s business model

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Windows 11 is Microsoft’s first significant operating system (OS) upgrade since 2015. By the end of the year, the update will be available. Microsoft’s latest approach contrasts sharply with Apple’s “walled garden” policy, in which the iPhone maker restricts customers to download apps via the App Store. In addition, Microsoft has announced that the Windows 11 operating system would include additional tipping options for content creators, including local news sites. 

Microsoft has announced the arrival of Windows 11, the company’s major update to its operating system (OS) since 2015. With the latest update, Microsoft is meeting head-on with Apple’s App Store business model. 

Windows 11, which is expected to be released by the end of the year, will contain a new Windows Store that will allow software developers to utilize their in-app payment systems without paying Microsoft any commissions. In addition, with the technical help of and Intel, customers will locate and run Android mobile applications on their laptops and PCs. 

This latest move by Microsoft is in direct contrast with Apple’s “walled garden” strategy, in which the iPhone manufacturer only allows customers to download software from the App Store and places restrictions on software developers, such as requiring them to utilize Apple’s in-app payment methods and paying up to 30% fees.

The update represents a battle of visions between Microsoft, whose market value just surpassed $2 trillion, and Apple, the only other publicly traded corporation in the United States to reach that level. It also competes with Alphabet’s Google Play Store, which also charges fees to developers.

Windows has always stood for sovereignty for creators and agency for consumers.

Satya Nadella, speaking at the event

Many new capabilities will be included in Windows 11, such as the ability to undock a computer linked to an external display more fluidly to take a call in a quieter area and then return to the docking station.

Microsoft also said that its Teams chat program would be integrated directly into the operating system, a move that might generate friction with Slack Technologies Inc., Microsoft’s main workplace chat competitor. Slack, which is buying for $27.7 billion, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft in the European Union.

However, the most significant change appears to be in Microsoft’s pitch to developers, content creators, and others looking to profit from the world’s 1.3 billion Windows users, which is nearly as large as Apple’s total installed device base of 1.65 billion but less than half of Alphabet’s 3 billion Android users.

Microsoft said that the Windows 11 operating system would feature new options for tipping content producers, including local news sites. The business has been an outspoken critic of Apple’s App Store and recently reduced commissions on games sold through the store to 12%, down from 15% on standard applications.

Individuals may be interested in Microsoft’s updated operating system, which includes new features for gamers such as an Xbox app and improved gaming performance.

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