Microsoft unveils Windows 365 to offer personalized PC experience in times of hybrid work

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Microsoft has unveiled Windows 365 that takes the OS to the cloud to offer a personalized PC experience for users and organizations, a new approach to cloud computing amid hybrid working

Microsoft has launched Windows 365, a cloud-based service that would take the Windows OS to the cloud. It creates a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC to provide a full, personalized Windows experience for users as hybrid work models are gaining traction.

In a press release, Microsoft stated that Windows 365, secure by design and built with principles of Zero Trust, stores information in the cloud, not on the device, providing a safe, productive experience for workers from interns and contractors to software developers and industrial designers. Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, commented on the Cloud PC features and said,

Just like applications were brought to the cloud with SaaS, we are now bringing the operating system to the cloud, providing organizations with greater flexibility and a secure way to empower their workforce to be more productive and connected, regardless of location.

Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft

The company enunciated that Cloud PC would serve as a new computing paradigm for hybrid working models. Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, equated it to a new category of hybrid personal computing capable of turning any device into a personalized, productive and secured digital workspace and added,

Hybrid work has fundamentally changed the role of technology in organizations today. With workforces more disparate than ever before, organizations need a new way to deliver a great productivity experience with increased versatility, simplicity and security. Today’s announcement of Windows 365 is just the beginning of what will be possible as we blur the lines between the device and the cloud.

Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365

Microsoft enumerated three key areas where Windows 365 would be beneficial for organizations. The feature would allow users to stream all their applications, tools, data and settings from the cloud across any device, providing a complete PC experience in the cloud and versatility in terms of processing power and storage. 

The simplicity of Cloud PC would allow users to log in and resume from where they left off across devices, providing a simple and familiar Windows experience delivered by the cloud. For IT, it also simplifies deployment, updates and management. Lastly, concerning security, Windows 365 leverages the power of the cloud and Zero Trust’s principles that allow information to be secured and stored in the cloud, not on the device. Building on the strength of Microsoft’s security capabilities and baselines, Windows 365 would simplify security and recommend the best security settings for the environment at hand.

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