Microsoft launches Startup Founders Hub in New Zealand and Australia

Microsoft launches a new startup founders hub in New Zealand and Australia to assist empower these enterprises and spark innovation to drive economic and societal advancement.

The Microsoft for Entrepreneurs Founders Hub provides startups with over $400,000 in perks and credits, allowing them access to the technology, tools, and resources they require.

“Put simply, the launch of this new platform democratises our resources and technology including offering expert mentorship. We specifically know that scale-ups are playing a pivotal role given their ability to push the entire ecosystem forward. We’ve seen this in our region many times with unique industry solutions, which have become some of our biggest SaaS partners and are now scaling globally,”

Rachel Bondi, chief partner officer of Microsoft ANZ.

Startups can have free access to platforms like Visual Studio Enterprise, GitHub Enterprise, and Microsoft 365 

According to the company, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is created exclusively for early-stage startups to remove obstacles to business formation, act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, and assist in the transition from an idea to a unicorn.

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