Microsoft adds PyTorch Enterprise to its Azure cloud

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Microsoft has added PyTorch Enterprise to its Azure cloud, which shall now make PyTorch integrate with Azure’s machine learning to help developers and enterprises. This move was a result of collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft to provide a reliable production experience for developers and data scientists using PyTorch for their work.

In what is termed as a commercial offering for PyTorch, a library for python programming language, Microsoft has added PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, an integration with Azure machine learning for developers and enterprises using it on their Azure cloud.

What is PyTorch

Initially developed by Facebook and partly similar to Google’s TensorFlow framework, PyTorch is a Python-centric open-source machine learning library based on Torch (a scientific computing framework and script language based on Lua) that emphasizes computer vision and natural language processing. 

As a library for the Python programming language, PyTorch is also a favorite for machine learning and AI, which integrates with add-ons like NumPy and other data-science tasks requiring faster Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) processing, making it an attraction for data scientists

Reports suggest that with the launch of PyTorch Enterprise, Microsoft’s Premier and Unified Support Programme will get hands-on support and benefits in bug and security patching, prioritized requests, solutions for hotfixes, etc. Also, the PyTorch Enterprise Support Group will create a reliable production experience with enterprise-grade support, which will benefit both Azure customers and the PyTorch community users. 

Microsoft customers with Microsoft Premier and Unified support using PyTorch are automatically eligible for PyTorch Enterprise and can request hotfixes. These requests will be prioritized, quickly addressed, and deployed in the long-term support version of PyTorch, also available in Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft’s press release

With PyTorch Enterprise, you can be confident that Azure is the best place to run PyTorch,” a post on Azure read.

Owing to the increasing number of data scientists and developers using PyTorch, Microsoft’s corporate VP for communications, Frank X. Shaw, had described the PyTorch Enterprise as a “reliable production experience” for enterprises and developers using PyTorch for their work. 

This new enterprise-level offering by Microsoft closes an important gap. PyTorch gives our researchers unprecedented flexibility in designing their models and running their experiments.

Jeremy Jancsary, a senior principal research scientist at Nuance Communications
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