MedChron brings out innovative SaaS to optimize Medicare billing

SaaS News -MedChron-LLC-Launches-Its-Innovative-New-SaaS-for-Small-to-Mid-Size-Medical-Practices(source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

MedChron, a SaaS provider for medical practices involving adequate compensation for healthcare, has launched an innovative SaaS that aims to optimize Medicare billing. These include patients in the Chronic Care Management (CCM), Chronic Care Plans (CCP), and Medical Wellness Visits (MWV) categories of medicare.

The need

Prior to the entry of SaaS into the field, medicare billing for small and medium-sized businesses entailed using spreadsheets, human memory, handwritten notes, organizing billable minutes, increasing the chances of shoddy work. 

Also, ever since the CCM category was introduced, software solutions have tried to alter the situation around it in their favor by overcharging for services, siphoning money off healthcare reimbursements, which play a major role in provisioning high-quality work for the patients in the CCM category.

This is where MedChron comes with its solution to neatly organize their interactions with patients, which they later aggregate into “monthly billable invoices” for medicare reimbursement requests. Specifically designed for the aforementioned category of patients, MedChron comes with accurately designed billing reports for all medical offices’ staff. They confidently claim that by using their SaaS, medical practices will be able to actually bring on more CCM>/CCP/MWV patients. Their case study indicates a four-fold increase in their billing efficiency. 

Having a powerful web application with a dashboard showing the minutes that have been logged for the month in all the categories, all tasks are one click away. Founded by Matthew Stringer, MedChron aims to be an affordable SaaS, creating a level playing field for small, medium, and large medical enterprises. Matthew, during his engineering days, had realized organizational challenges around medicare data collection, aggregation, and reimbursement filing, through his father, who was a doctor as well. A few months later, he had created MedChron’s beta version for his father, who, with the help of the SaaS, properly reimbursed timely and consistently. The quality of care had increased as every contact with the patient was documented, with no duplications and missouts.

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