LogiNext Partners with Daraz to Create the Largest eCommerce Carrier Aggregation Network

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LogiNext has very recently announced a partnership with the eCommerce and shopping platform Daraz, which also has the backing of the eCommerce giant – the Alibaba Group. The terms of the partnership state that the LogiNext Mile platform will be rolled out gradually. Spanning the last 4 years, Daraz has made use of the LogiNext Mile platform to curate and automate countless orders and, thanks to that, has managed to create the largest eCommerce network of carriers in all of Asia.

LogiNext is a globally functioning, pioneering logistics and automation firm that is primarily based out of North America and specializes in SaaS services that work to automate and optimize logistical applications required in the transport e-commerce industry. Daraz is an e-commerce platform that is not only backed by the Alibaba Group but also owned by it. With a primary operating area in Pakistan, it deals in online fashion products. Today, the Daraz Group has a presence in a few Asian countries, including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The declared partnership is set to benefit both LogiNext as well as Daraz. Daraz secures its access to the LogiNext Mile platform and features such as automated order capture, scheduling logistics, delivery associate logistics, and compliance, the ability to tackle growing sales, and the end-to-end User Experience offered by LogiNext. Further, Daraz also faces a massive improvement in its own Logistical Marketplace’s Last Mile deliveries. This refers to the delivery service that tracks more than a billion locations to make the user experience for the final consumer a pristine one. LogiNext, on the other hand, in pursuit of expansion, takes one step closer to that end by finally penetrating the Asian Pacific market by partnering with a progressive and potent e-commerce setup like that of Daraz’s.

Mradul Khandelwal, the Vice President of Business Development for LogiNext, as reported by Cision, said, “LogiNext’s Mile platform has been leveraged by several premier e-commerce giants across the globe. This partnership with Daraz has helped us solve some very real on-the-ground logistical issues native to APAC, and it has given a framework for upcoming and existing e-commerce giants to usher in the new face of last-mile deliveries built based on a world-class customer experience.”

Talking about the collaboration deal, Jorge Miranda, who is the Chief Information Officer for the Daraz Group, said that being a part of the Alibaba Group of companies, this partnership would go a long way toward their vision and goal of supporting digital businesses from all over in the world. Further, he expressed faith in LogiNext’s Mile platform and stated that using their SaaS application, Daraz could focus on delivering a stellar user experience and thereby increase their business yields.

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