Limeade acquires employee listening software provider TINYpulse for $8.8M

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Limeade has acquired TINYpulse for an all-cash deal worth $8.8M, likely to close by July 2021. Limeade aims to deliver the next-generation employee well-being solution that fits seamlessly into people’s daily work by adding the latter’s technology.

Limeade, an employee engagement software provider, has announced the acquisition of Seattle-based TINYpulse, a SaaS employee listening provider, to create healthy employee experiences. 

Under the terms of the deal, likely to close by the end of July 2021, Limeade would merge with TINYpulse in an all-cash deal of $8.8 million for 100 percent of the issued capital of TINYpulse. In a press release, Henry Albrecht, founder and CEO of Limeade, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic had reinforced the company’s vision of creating healthy employee experiences, generating better business results for customers.

Limeade Institute science tells us that listening, learning and acting on employee feedback is a top driver of well-being actions. By adding TINYpulse listening capabilities, Limeade is poised to deliver the next-generation employee well-being solution that fits seamlessly into people’s daily work

Henry Albrecht, founder and CEO of Limeade

Limeade stated that this acquisition comes when companies worldwide are increasingly giving importance to understanding employee sentiment. Quoting an IDC report, the company highlighted that about 44 percent of organizations worldwide and 47 percent in the US had planned to increase spending on employee experience technology.

TINYpulse, founded in 2012, provides a feedback tool to measure employee engagement and gives leaders actionable data to help build a healthy and transparent company culture. Limeade stated that the acquisition would enhance its well-being experience for enterprise customers, creating direct access to mid-market customers who scout for integrated well-being and employee experience solutions.

In its official blog, Limeade stated that it planned to use TINYpulse’s listening technology to create immersive well-being solutions that would cater to the unique needs of every Limeade user.

The Limeade acquisition of TINYpulse will make us much better at employee listening. The comprehensive listening capabilities provided by TINYpulse technology will position Limeade as the well-being company with the best employee listening capabilities in the world,

Limeade wrote on its blog.

David Niu, founder and CEO of TINYpulse, expressed delight at the acquisition and added,

Limeade and TINYpulse are two Seattle-area companies focused upon shaping the future of work. The entire TINYpulse team is thrilled to unite and bring our powerful listening capabilities to the most important thing of all: employee well-being.

David Niu, founder and CEO of TINYpulse
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