LifeWorks partners with Corestream to offer digital mental-health therapy for employees in the US

SaaS News - LifeWorks partners with Corestream to offer digital mental-health therapy for employees in the US (source: SaaS Industry)

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LifeWorks partners with Corestream to provide digital mental health therapy as a voluntary benefit for users. The internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) program is available to organizations across the United States

LifeWorks, a provider of digital total well-being solutions, recently announced a partnership with Corestream, a voluntary benefits technology provider, to offer a therapist-guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) as a voluntary benefit.

LifeWorks stated that the partnership would enable employees to access digital mental health treatment to complement their essential benefits. The service is extended to over two million qualified employees and their dependents across Corestream’s customers. Users may also get confidential mental health support at any time, from any device. LifeWorks added.

LifeWorks is known for offering digital and in-person solutions that promote an individual’s overall well-being. It provides customized care to its customers, assisting them in enhancing their employees’ lives and business. Nigel Branker, president of LifeWorks, stated that there is an increased need for employees to have inclusive access to clinically effective therapy from their homes and added,

We are proud to partner with Corestream to make this proven solution more accessible when employees need it most. This is a crucial step forward to ensure that employees across the United States can get the help they need through confidential, user-friendly digital platforms like AbilitiCBT™ when they need it, where they need it.

Nigel Branker, president of LifeWorks

ICBT, similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, provides real-time support by clinically guided experienced therapists for those looking to navigate mental-health concerns virtually. 

Corestream provides a SaaS platform to scale the distribution and adoption of voluntary benefits for protecting and enhancing the employees’ livelihood. Neil Vaswani, co-founder and CEO of Corestream, expressed delight at the partnership and added,

We are excited to include AbilitiCBT™ as the first digital mental-health solution in our toolbox of voluntary benefits. We are committed to improving the overall employee experience, and we strive to achieve this by equipping organizations with the tools and resources employees need for all aspects of life. We look forward to continuing working with LifeWorks to remove accessibility barriers and provide critical, digital mental health solutions through voluntary benefits for those who may be struggling and seeking support.

Neil Vaswani, co-founder and CEO of Corestream
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