Lantronix launches True Zero-Touch Automation updates
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Lantronix has introduced True Zero-Touch Automation updates for provisioning IoT devices deployed remotely that connect to ConsoleFlow automatically.

Lantronix has announced the introduction of True Zero-Touch Automation updates for provisioning remotely deployed IoT devices. Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Environment Management (REM), including SaaS, connectivity, engineering, and intelligent hardware.

True Zero-Touch, which is now part of Lantronix ConsoleFlow, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, streamlines new device onboarding logistics by practically eliminating on-site visits and lowering operational expenses for clients.

With True Zero-Touch Automation, Lantronix IoT devices and software services are cloud-enabled and automatically connect to ConsoleFlow when turned on. Updates for the devices and services will be checked for, and firmware and configuration downloads will be initiated. 

Also, updates can be made accessible for a single device deployment or many devices in several geographic areas throughout the world, decreasing the risk of human error. There’s no need to set up complicated VPN software or utilize unsafe DHCP servers because updates from the cloud use secure industry-standard protocols and encryption.

Device import is a feature of the Zero-Touch automation that allows ConsoleFlow to automatically import bought devices into the customer’s ConsoleFlow account, avoiding time-consuming and repeated attempts to add devices one at a time. Lantronix cellular devices provide a pre-installed SIM card that is pre-activated to connect to ConsoleFlow, making deployments faster and boosting operational efficiency.

We at Lantronix continue in our vision of driving customer value by eliminating friction associated with device provisioning and deployment with our enhanced True Zero-Touch automation feature now available in our ConsoleFlow cloud-based management platform.

Jonathan Shipman, VP of Strategy, Lantronix Inc.

True Zero-Touch automation facilitates quick and easy remote deployment by enabling device provisioning as soon as it ships. We are excited to be bringing this much-anticipated feature to our SaaS platform, further increasing operational efficiency for our customers.

Jonathan Shipman, VP of Strategy, Lantronix Inc.

ConsoleFlow, Lantronix’s cloud-based management platform, allows users to see and control globally distributed assets from practically anywhere through a single pane of glass. ConsoleFlow offers automatic asset monitoring with real-time notifications and mobile access from any iOS or Android device, providing centralized asset management.

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