Lang raises $10.5 M in Series A round led by Nava Ventures, a customer service automation firm, has closed a $10.5 million Series A round led by Nava Ventures. New and existing investors such as Oceans Ventures, Forum, and Flexport Fund participated in the round.

Industry leaders such as Mike Murchison (CEO of Ada), Joaquim Lecha (CEO of Typeform), and Javier Mata (CEO of Yalo), senior engineering and sales leaders at pioneering AI-based companies such as Google, Weights & Biases, Looker also invested in the round.

The funding will let Lang increase his capacity to provide CX teams with revenue and automation options through a Control Centre. Lang wants to enable CX teams to tie this data to their purchase history and offer automation for laborious workflows agents must take when dealing with specific issues by understanding what each customer is saying at every point in their buying journey. Lang will do so by aggressively investing in R&D and GTM teams.

“Lang’s mission is to empower anyone to benefit from the power of AI, and we’ve taken a different approach tailored for business users and done visually, instead of via traditional machine learning approaches that rely on large data sets and labelling/training,”

Jorge Penalva, CEO of Lang.

CX teams can scale more efficiently thanks to the use of Lang‘s technology. Lang automatically tags every client conversation in real time. Companies may extract more granular data about their customer contacts and tackle their issues intelligently using easy-to-deploy automation rules by labeling each ticket. Stitch Fix, Ramp, Good Eggs, Novo, Petal Card, Hippo Insurance, and Pair Eyewear are among the company’s current customers.

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