Ketch raises an additional $20M from Acrew Capital to its previously closed Series A round

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Ketch raised an additional $20M to its $23M Series A funding round that closed in March this year. It plans to use the proceeds towards expanding its sales and go-to-market teams

Ketch, a data control platform that manages compliance, raised an additional $20 million to its Series A funding round that closed in March this year, where it came out of stealth. This extension, AI funding, was led by Acrew Capital, Ketch announced on its Twitter handle.

The total funding raised by Ketch, to date, stands at $43 million now. Ketch, founded in 2020, provides a new way for businesses to automate data privacy and security helps companies build trust with consumers while controlling and harnessing data. 

Tom Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Ketch, told TechCrunch that enterprises look for ways to meet consumer needs and accommodate their rights and consents but companies want data to fuel their growth and gain consumers’ trust.

There is also a matter of security, with much effort going into ransomware and malware. Once the infrastructure is in place for data control it needs to be at the level of individual cells and rows. If someone wants to be deleted, there is a challenge in finding your specific row of data

Tom Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Ketch

Tom stated that Ketch’s platform witnessed an over 300 percent increase in its customer base since its Series A. TechCrunch reported that the platform had launched Ketch OTC, a free-to-use privacy tool that streamlines all aspects of privacy to build trust and reduce friction in enterprise compliance programs. The proceeds from the funding would be used towards expanding its sales and go-to-market teams, Tom told TechCrunch. 

Theresia Gouw, founding partner at Acrew Capital, stated that Ketch differentiates itself from competitors by taking data privacy and security, tying the data itself to empower software developers.

The magic of Ketch is that you can take the security and governance rules and embed them with the software and the piece of data

heresia Gouw, founding partner at Acrew Capital
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