Kdan Mobile raises $16M in a Series B round led by Dattoz Partners

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Kdan Mobile raised $16M in a Series B round. Kdan Mobile specializes in cloud-based workplace mobility apps. DottedSign, Document 365, and Creativity 365, its cloud-based SaaS products, enable growing and mid-sized businesses to get more done quicker.    

Kdan Mobile, a Taiwanese startup, has raised $16 million in a Series B funding round led by Dattoz Partners. Yeon Su Kim, CEO of Dattoz Partners, will be joining Kdan’s board. Other participants in the round include Taiwania Capital, Golden Asia Fund Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, and WI Harper Group. 

Kdan Mobile specializes in cloud-based applications for workplace mobility. Kdan Mobile’s enterprise products, such as Document AI, its data processing and filtering technology, and SaaS products like e-signature service DottedSign, PDF software Document 365, and Creativity 365 for multimedia content creation, including animations and video editing, will receive part of the funding.

Kdan Mobile, which was founded in 2009, has always focused on producing content creation and productivity applications for mobile devices, Founder and CEO Kenny Su told TechCrunch.

We’ve observed more and more industries embracing remote or hybrid work for years now, even before 2020. We always sensed that trend would continue.

Kenny Su, Founder and CEO at Kdan Mobile

Kdan Mobile has expanded from 70 to 200 workers across Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States since announcing its Series A in April 2018. It has also surpassed 200 million downloads and has over 10 million users on its platform. Kdan Mobile has more than half of its subscribers in the United States and Europe, with 30% from Asia and 15% from Africa and Australia.

Kdan Mobile chose to engage with more commercial clients in 2018 after focusing largely on individual users, and over 40,000 enterprises and educational institutions currently utilize their software.

 Mr. Su claimed that the company’s enterprise emphasis was proven with the introduction of DottedSign in 2019, which currently has over 300,000 users. Due to the epidemic, the number of signatures handled by DottedSign grew by 30 times in the last year and a half as firms shifted to remote work. Kdan Mobile has recently started selling a set of APIs and SDKs that allow major corporations’ internal developers to integrate and personalize their technology.

We use a lot of what’s called B2C2B approach, or business to consumer to business, meaning that we still try to connect with users at the individual level, but do so in a way that we hope they’ll adopt our solutions at the company level.

Kenny Su, Founder and CEO at Kdan Mobile

After Kdan Mobile discovered that many of its customers desired to spend less time maintaining papers, Document AI was released in 2021. Optical character recognition, smart tagging and search, and sensitive data security are among its characteristics. Automating data entry activities and generating summaries of research materials are two examples of how Document AI may be employed.

DottedSign, Document 365, and Creativity 365, Kdan Mobile’s cloud-based SaaS products, enable growing and mid-sized businesses to rapidly and simply adopt company-wide e-signature, PDF document, and multimedia content creation capabilities.

We see tremendous growth in the market for software and solutions that empower the post-pandemic hybrid workforce. Kdan’s powerful product suite and the leadership team’s ability to executive have led to its strong momentum in several key markets, including the U.S. and Asia markets.

Ms. Su Kim of Dattoz Partners
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