Katie Haun is leaving a16z to start her cryptocurrency fund

Katie Haun, who co-leads Andreessen Horowitz’s $2.2 billion crypto fund, is leaving the company and joining forces with a group of colleagues, including operating partner Rachael Horwitz, to launch a new crypto-focused fund, according to Axios.

Haun joined the business in 2018 after working for the Justice Department as a federal prosecutor specializing in cybercrime. She’s been a prominent public face for the firm’s crypto activities, speaking at events like TechCrunch Disrupt on the industry’s regulatory landscape.

Andreessen Horowitz has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the crypto investing sector, having invested in several firms. They were among the first to launch a crypto investment fund in 2018, with a $300 million fund followed by two larger funds, including their current vehicle, the $2.2 billion Fund III.

Haun and Chris Dixon, a16z’s longtime general partner, have co-led the fund. The firm has retained its lead among heritage firms, but a slew of so-called “crypto native” investment funds, such as Paradigm and Variant Fund, face greater competition. Paradigm has concluded the most significant crypto fund in history, with a $2.5 billion investment.

“I will be forever grateful to Chris, Marc, and Ben for believing in me early on. Our work together and your continued support have been invaluable. Thank you for cheering me on and supporting me in this new chapter,”

read an emailed statement from Haun
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