Ivanti releases the Ransomware Index Report for Q1 2022: 7.6% increase in ransomware vulnerabilities

Ivanti, the Ivanti Neurons automation platform provider, which discovers, manages, secures, and services IT assets from cloud to edge, today announced the findings of the Ransomware Index Report Q1 2022. It was conducted with Cyber Security Works, a CNA, and Cyware, a leading technology platform provider, to build Cyber Fusion Centers. 

According to the report, in Q1 2022, the number of vulnerabilities linked to ransomware increased by 7.6%, with the Conti ransomware group exploiting most of them. The research discovered 22 new ransomware vulnerabilities (increasing the total to 310) and linked 19 of them to Conti, a prolific ransomware gang that professed

“The fact that scanners are not detecting critical ransomware vulnerabilities is a huge problem for organizations. CSW experts are continuously tracking this as a part of our research and analysis. The good news is that in this quarter, we saw the number coming down. This means that scanner companies are taking this seriously. That said, there are still 11 ransomware vulnerabilities that the scanners are not detecting where five are rated critical and associated with notorious ransomware gangs like Ryuk, Petya, and Locky,”

Aaron Sandeen, CEO of Cyber Security Works

The report also disclosed a 7.5 percent increase in APT groups linked to ransomware and a 6.8 percent increase in actively exploited and trending vulnerabilities, and a 2.5 percent increase in ransomware families.

To break down those numbers even further, the analysis revealed that three new APT groups (Exotic Lily, APT 35, and DEV-0401) began using ransomware to attack their targets in Q1 2022. Ten new active and trending vulnerabilities (bringing the total to 157), and four new ransomware families (AvosLocker, Karma, BlackCat, and Night Sky) became active.

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