Iterable raises $200M in a Series E round at $2B valuation

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Iterable, a cross-channel customer experience platform, has secured $200 million in a Series E investment round. Glynn Capital, Silver Lake, Adams Street, and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners are among the participants. Post-money, the firm is valued at $2 billion. Big data analytics are used in Iterable’s solutions to assess user behavior and enhance engagement time, channel, and frequency.

Iterable, a cross-channel platform for customer experiences, has announced that it has raised $200 million in a Series E funding round. Participants include Silver Lake, Adams Street, Glynn Capital, and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. Iterable’s valuation is at $2 billion post-money.

The fund will be used for recruiting, marketing, and R&D activities, focusing on regional growth, said Iterable. 

Andrew Boni, a former Google AdSense programmer, teamed up with Justin Zhu, a former Twitter developer, to launch Iterable. This company develops a platform that allows companies to plan, execute, and improve cross-channel campaigns.

Iterable’s products employ big data analytics to evaluate user behavior and improve engagement time, channel, and frequency. The tools determine the optimal moment for conversion based on event data and identify the channels where users are most likely to convert.

Iterable was built to give every marketer, regardless of technical skill or business size, the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their customers. The platform is designed to enable anyone with the will to reach customers a way to actually reach them.

A spokesperson of Iterable told Venturebeat

The brands that are winning in this post-pandemic world are the ones that made the jump to digital — and are able to continue meeting rapidly expanding and evolving customer expectations. Iterable, having already adopted the digital- forward and customer-first ethos, helped our customers evolve — and continue to connect with customers — during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

A spokesperson of Iterable told Venturebeat

Brand Affinity is one of Iterable’s newest AI-powered solutions, which generates a score based on a customer’s recent contacts with a brand via email and mobile engagement signals. The signals are translated into affinity labels such as “loyal,” “neutral,” or “negative,” allowing marketers to categorize how their audience feels about a company and respond with campaigns.

At Iterable, our goal is to strengthen the relationship between brands and their customers by empowering marketers to create personalized and inclusive digital experiences. An important component of this relationship-building, and a top priority for customers, is trust and transparency.

Andrew Boni, a former Google AdSense programmer

To make memorable and personalized experiences possible while building trust, first- and zero-party data are more important than ever. This type of data has always been a priority for our product, and at the core of Iterable’s mission and values, and in light of recent regulations and restrictions around third-party data, brands need to learn the utility of this data so they can [use] it strategically, for the benefit of their business and audience.

Andrew Boni, a former Google AdSense programmer
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