Is web3 a waste?

Is web3 a vague vision of a newly decentralized internet which is built on blockchain technology, as a successor to “Web 2.0” of Google and Facebook.

It appears to have reached a point of cultural awareness where non-tech commentators, news-engaged normies, magazine editors, uncles, and internet attention-seekers, among others, feel compelled to comment.

For Example, Adam Davidson, former host of Planet Money shared his views on web3  “From contemptuous to indifferent to curious to pretty damn excited” and he responded to some haters by saying, ” making a list of “Real world problems that web3 could solve—at least for me.”  Will Wilkinson, another crypto convert making a point that crypto is “totally legit and crypto/blockchain networks really might be technologically, economically, and politically transformative.“Check out author Robin Sloan’s hugely dubious”Notes on Web3“; and there’s the scornful take on web3 from the programmer Stephen Diehl, and a couple Twitter threads from Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski. All of these have one subject in common i.e. web3 is skeptical

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