InvoiceCloud joins hands with ESC Partners

At a Glance

ESC Partners has established a strategic relationship with InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart solution for online bill payment services. InvoiceCloud’s cloud-based payment and engagement solutions are combined with ESC’s hands-on solutions in this cooperation.

InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart solution for online bill payment services, has announced a strategic partnership with ESC Partners (ESC) to provide municipal tax collection and utility services with digital payment solutions. 

To help municipal and public service organizations streamline operational efficiency, improve customer engagement, and increase city and utility revenue, the partnership combines InvoiceCloud’s cloud-based payment and engagement solutions with ESC’s hands-on integration, implementation, support, and services.

The City of Dothan, Alabama, has selected ESC Partners, an Oracle Partner, for a $12 million digital transformation project that integrates optimized digital services such as simpler digital permit processing and better employee self-services. The project’s installation of new InvoiceCloud online payment and account management systems is a significant component. 

We’re thrilled to be partnering with ESC Partners. This is an important recognition for our SaaS technology platform, which is now being used by more than 1,700 government entities. Additionally, this is an important win for City Governments, Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) and Public Owned Utilities (POUs), working with ESC to streamline their operations and provide their citizens and customers a more engaging and secure payment experience.

Tom Griffin, president, InvoiceCloud

The ESC Partners and InvoiceCloud partnership will integrate ESC’s suite of digital solutions, including Utiliprise, to bring online bill pay and management services contributing to added benefit, operational efficiencies, and improved customer experience to ESC customers in public utilities and municipal operations.

As an organization who is the front-runner in Oracle Customer Cloud Service (CCS) implementations globally, we were seeking a teammate who is aligned with our pace and view of the future. We are both evolutionary catalysts in our respective fields, and this partnership is ultimately a big win for our customers. We are privileged to have a partner like InvoiceCloud who is ahead of the curve in delivering stellar service and current technology addressing these objectives that is also complementary to our culture and offerings.

RJ Kumar, CEO of ESC Partners
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