Ikon Science launches Curate to resolve subsurface data access problems in enterprises

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Energy companies face challenges and losses upon isolating data. To solve this subsurface data access problems, Ikon Science, a twenty-year-old geoprediction and knowledge management software, has launched Curate, its cloud-based knowledge management solution, which democratizes data access and helps enterprises optimize workflows to make better-informed decisions

Ikon Science, a geoprediction and knowledge management software provider, announced the launch of its new cloud-based knowledge management solution, Curate, last week to help businesses realize the full potential of their digital transformation and capitalize on their data. The virtual launch of Curate will take place in the first week of June. 

Why Curate?

Usually, Energy companies navigate large volumes of complex data, which poses mounting challenges since it is siloed within different departments and software programs. Inefficiencies arising out of these challenges can cost 20-30 percent of personnel time. Inaccessible data causes isolated workflows, poor utilization of resources, and compromised decision-making, leading to delayed revenue and other repercussions in the development processes of a business. This is the problem that Curate aims to address. It facilitates data democratization by enabling companies to collaborate within a single workspace for accessing subsurface data.

According to Ikon’s product sheet, Curate provides instant access to subsurface information and enterprise-wide data in an open-collaboration workspace. This provides redressal in subsurface knowledge management challenges, drives efficiency gains across all explorations, empowers better decision-making, simplifies collecting pertinent data, and boosts productivity with collaborative and scalable workflows. To sum up- business outcomes are improved by providing engineers and geoscientists enhanced access to data.

In addition to the aforementioned functions, Curate minimizes portfolio risk and optimizes planning and drilling activities, thereby helping businesses achieve more outstanding results while preserving capital and human resources. 

Denis Saussus, CEO of Ikon Science, opined that energy companies needed to innovate new solutions to minimize risk and increase efficiency, something that Curate aims to achieve.

Curate leverages our 20 years of unrivaled subsurface data solution expertise to allow companies to realize the promise and full potential of digital transformation by enabling them to immediately capitalize on the value of their data today with an enterprise-ready solution while preserving human resources and capital. This creates a powerful competitive advantage.

Denis Saussus, CEO of Ikon Science
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