Ikigai has been funded $13 million to develop automated workflows that include humans.

Ikigai, a startup founded on MIT research, aims to create workflows involving humans as simply as possible. Unlike traditional robotic process automation (RPA), which focuses on creating bots to perform monotonous tasks, this business wants to make it easier to create processes that require people to make decisions.

Today, Foundation Capital, 8VC, Underscore VC, and several industry angels announced a $13 million seed investment for the startup.

Ikigai, which translates to “your purpose” in Japanese, aims to solve this problem with a tool that allows users to create drag-and-drop processes incorporating several data sources, including steps where people make judgments and then display the results in a dashboard/spreadsheet format.

Diversity helps make everything a much nicer place to work because you have different perspectives, different types of people coming into work every day

Vinayak Ramesh, co-founder and CEO

Currently, the company has ten workers, most of whom are engineers, hoping to treble that number next year. As the company grows, the founders appear to grasp the importance of building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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