IBM to acquire Turbonomics; move highlights a deeper plunge into AI

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In what might be seen as a move to make deep inroads into providing enterprises with AI-based services, IBM has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Boston-based Turbonomic, which provides software for ‘Application Resource Management (ARM) and Network Performance Management (NPM).’ The financial details, though undisclosed, have been broken by reports, which state that the total valuation is likely to be between $1.5 to $2 billion.

Reports state that with the acquisition of Turbonomic, IBM shall become the only company capable of providing customers with AI-powered automation capabilities, ranging from AIOps (automating IT operations) to application and infrastructure observability. The Turbonomic acquisition is preceded by IBM’s Instana acquisition in November 2020 to scale up its AI strategy and its hybrid cloud.

Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Software, Cloud and Data Platform, IBM enunciates on how IBM continues to reorient itself as a hybrid cloud and AI company. 

“The Turbonomic acquisition is yet another example of our commitment to making the most impactful investments to advance this strategy and ensure customers find the most innovative ways to fuel their digital transformations,” Rob added.

Turbonomic’s tools shine in hybrid cloud architectures, even on workloads extended across multiple cloud environments. They automate management, analyze performance, and suggest changes for network operations engineers in meeting usage demands. IBM, with Turbonomic’s tools, shall help companies overcome high costs with respect to managing performance and availability for multiple applications in a complex hybrid cloud environment.

“We believe that AI-powered automation has become inevitable, helping to make all information-centric jobs more productive. The addition of Turbonomic now takes our portfolio another major step forward by ensuring customers will have full transparency into what occurs throughout their hybrid cloud infrastructure and across their entire enterprise,” Dinesh Nirmal, General Manager, IBM automation, added.

Stressing that the combination of IBM and Turbonomic tools shall continuously assure target application response times,  Ben Nye, CEO, Turbonomic added,

Businesses are looking for AI-driven software to help them manage the scale and complexity challenges of running applications cross-cloud. Turbonomic not only prescribes actions but allows customers to take them. The combination of IBM and Turbonomic will continuously assure target application response times even during peak demand.” Ben added.

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