IBM launches IBM Power E1080 server for frictionless hybrid cloud experience

SaaS News - IBM launches IBM Power E1080 server for frictionless hybrid cloud experience (source: SaaS Industry)

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The IBM Power E1080 server is the first in a new line of hybrid cloud-optimized servers based on IBM’s new Power10 processor. The IBM Power E1080 server ensures a smooth hybrid cloud experience by guaranteeing architectural uniformity across the hybrid cloud estate.

IBM has announced the new IBM Power E1080 server. It’s the first in a new line of servers based on IBM’s new Power10 CPU optimized for hybrid cloud scenarios. The IBM Power10-equipped E1080 server is designed to provide clients with a safe, frictionless hybrid cloud experience across their entire IT infrastructure.

The new hardware-driven performance enhancements; new security tools targeted for hybrid cloud environments; and a robust ecosystem of ISVs, business partners, and support were all integrated into the new IBM E1080.

When we were designing the E1080, we had to be cognizant of how the pandemic was changing not only consumer behavior but also our customer’s behavior and needs from their IT infrastructure. The E1080 is IBM’s first system designed from the silicon up for hybrid cloud environments, a system tailor-built to serve as the foundation for our vision of a dynamic and secure, frictionless hybrid cloud experience.

Dylan Boday, VP of Product Management for AI and Hybrid Cloud

The IBM Power E1080 server helps fulfill customer demand for a frictionless hybrid cloud experience by providing architectural consistency across the mixed cloud estate, making maintenance easier, and allowing applications to grow effortlessly to meet today’s dynamic needs.

When combining an IBM Power10-based server, such as the E1080, with a cloud-based IBM Power Virtual Server in a hybrid cloud environment, the architectural consistency across resources allows for the migration of often-bespoke mission-critical applications from on-premises to the cloud as workloads and needs demand. This is intended to save clients money and effort by avoiding the costs and time of reworking for a different architecture.

We have been long time IBM Power users and are looking forward to being one of the first organizations to test the new IBM Power10-based E1080 system with our mission-critical applications. The new server addresses our demands to continue delivering our services at scale with high resiliency requirements, including new levels of security and improved energy efficiency. We are also keen to see how the new features can accelerate our journey to hybrid cloud and the infusion of AI into our business applications.

Klaus Fehlker at Finanz Informatik
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