IBM announces new SASE services; expands partnership with Zscaler

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IBM announced new services for secure access service edge (SASE). For the new services, IBM will combine its security know-how with Zscaler. IBM offers a programmatic approach to SASE, which has led security and cloud experts working with customers to develop SASE adoption plans.

IBM Security has announced new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services designed to speed up the adoption of edge, close to users and devices that access corporate resources by organizations in the cloud delivering security.

The new services combine IBM Security expertise and techniques with Zscaler technologies to ensure the fully managed transformation into a SASE cloud-based architecture, which is an essential element of a zero-trust security position.

According to Forrester Consulting’s new commissioned study from IBM, 78 percent of surveyed organizations are either interested in or intend to implement SASE within 12 months. SASE helps to bring together cloud-based software-defined networking and safety technology. SASE is a new model designed for companies that transform digitally, adopt cloud and SaaS applications and deliver services to hybrid employees and customers.

Traditional approaches to network security are not as viable in a digital world where users and applications are distributed. We’re seeing this transformation happen right before our eyes as many organizations plan to operate in a hybrid model for the foreseeable future. This new approach requires a shift in culture, processes, and collaboration across teams alongside a new technology architecture. By focusing on business needs, our zero-trust approach can help accelerate this transformation for clients thanks to the skills, methods, and capabilities brought together via our alliance partnership with Zscaler.

Mary O’Brien, general manager, IBM Security

IBM offers a SASE programmatic approach, led by security and cloud specialists working with customers to develop SASE adoption plans and manage associated customer services to optimize the environment. The five-stage maturity model of IBM Security is used to help customers identify a maturity target focussing on business results. To implement Zscaler’s market-leading SASE capabilities, IBM uses a zero-trust strategy, best practices, and practices to create processes and policies that facilitate the transformation of SASE.

The transformation comes at the pace of a digital business through Zscaler’s certified deployment and integration expertise. Finally, the best class IBM Managed Security Services, the world’s largest managed security service provider, can be provided to customers. Safety monitoring, management, and ongoing improvement of the SASE solution to developing threats can include services around the clock.

Implementing a zero-trust architecture is an important step for organizations adopting SASE to effectively secure new distributed working models and safeguard mission-critical services that have now moved to the cloud. Through our expanded alliance partnership with IBM, as part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Ecosystem, customers can confidently expedite their secure digital transformation journey to support essential initiatives from ensuring secure employee productivity from anywhere to accelerating M&A transactions.

Jay Chaudhry, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Zscaler
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