IBM announces AI-powered automation tools for CSPs to help them with 5G adoption

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 At Mobile World Congress 2021, IBM unveiled new AI-powered automation solutions for CSPs to help them deliver on the promise of 5G. Individuals and companies worldwide rely on CSPs, which is more true today when unanticipated events may cause major changes in network needs and traffic patterns. IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift and is designed to run in various settings, provides a comprehensive spectrum of AI-powered automation tools for deploying 5G and edge services.

IBM, at the Mobile World Congress 2021, has announced a new hybrid cloud AI-powered automation tools for communications service providers (CSPs) to help them deliver on the promise of 5G, which includes zero-touch operations, lower costs and faster delivery of innovative services to clients. 

CSPs can leverage AI-powered automation to swiftly set up and manage networks in various contexts with IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, which is designed to scale new services in days rather than months.

CSPs are a lifeline for individuals and businesses worldwide, and this is more true today, when unforeseen events may cause significant changes in network demands and traffic patterns. According to an IBM Institute for Business Value research, the essential aspect for successful automation projects is quicker time-to-market of new services, which was cited by 82 percent of top CSPs questioned.

“As the telco industry races to capture new value from 5G and Edge computing, many are transforming their networks to software-defined platforms that can deliver on this promise. Yet, our customers have identified that limited automation and the lack of real-time visibility across networks have hindered their ability to deliver innovative services to customers fast enough. To help address these growing demands, IBM’s new Cloud Pak for Network Automation software uses AI-powered automation to enable zero-touch provisioning of new services, which can facilitate the simplification of the management of network functions from the core to the edge.”

Andrew Coward, general manager, Software Defined Networking, IBM, said

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, which is designed to run in various environments on Red Hat OpenShift, offers a full suite of AI-powered automation capabilities for implementing 5G and edge services by managing multi-vendor software-based network functions, allowing for the evolution to autonomous operations.

The platform combines sophisticated analytics, machine learning, and AIOps to assist CSPs in identifying hidden patterns and trends in network data, allowing them to enhance network operations and performance with minimum human interaction continuously. CSPs may automate resource distribution where they are needed dynamically using IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and edge solutions such as IBM Edge Application Manager.

According to the company, the IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation was created to allow a network engineer to set up a site in as little as 4-5 days. Hundreds of thousands of network operations, such as hostnames, server ports, network architecture, tenants, IP address plans, and more, maybe structured and brought together in real-time to offer a comprehensive network experience.  

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