Humane raises a $100M Series B from Tiger Global
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Humane Inc., a platform that produces and sells consumer hardware, software, and services, has received a $100M investment from Tiger Global Management. Humane will be able to scale its operations while pursuing the next step in human-computer interaction.

Humane Inc., a platform that creates and sells consumer hardware, software, and services, has announced that it has raised $100 million in a Series B funding round from Tiger Global Management. Other participants include SoftBank Group, BOND, Forerunner Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures LLC, among others.

Humane will scale its operations and continue executing and expanding on its ambition to achieve the next shift in human-computer interaction with this round of funding.

“Humane is a place where people can truly innovate through a genuine collaboration of design and engineering. We are an experience company that creates products for the benefit of people, crafting technology that puts people first — a more personal technology that goes beyond what we know today. We’re all waiting for something new, something that goes beyond the information age that we have all been living with.”

Humane co-founders Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno said in a joint statement,

They added, “At Humane, we’re building the devices and the platform for what we call the intelligence age. We are committed to building a different type of company founded on our values of trust, truth, and joy. With the support of our partners, we will continue to scale the team with individuals who not only share our passion for revolutionizing the way we interact with computing, but also for how we build.”

Sam Altman, Lachy Groom, Kindred Ventures, Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures, Valia Ventures, NEXT VENTRES, Plexo Capital, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati were among the other investors in this round.

“The caliber of individuals working at Humane is incredibly impressive. These are people who have built and shipped transformative products to billions of people around the world. What they are building is groundbreaking with the potential to become a standard for computing going forward.”

Chase Coleman, a partner at Tiger Global, said,
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