Huler unveils its human experience SaaS, HulerHub to offer time-saving digital solutions

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At a Glance

Huler, a work technology business platform, has launched Hulerhub, its new human experience SaaS platform, to transform the way businesses engage with their teams through people-oriented and time-saving digital solutions.

Aimed to be a digital hub with a people-first approach, Hulerhub provides a one-time space for work, personal tech, reduced digital burnout, and increased engagement and collaboration. The much-awaited SaaS is said to be intuitive, offering a unique experience as opposed to mainstream consumer software.

The demand

The trend now for most businesses has been investing in technology to engage with their scattered workforces. Achieving this entails considering the digital fatigue employees handling numerous systems in a month face, leading to a decline in their engagement and enthusiasm. The need of the hour is thus to polish the process, bringing all of an organization’s requirements under a single digital system.

Nicky Hoyland, CEO of Huler, has her say on the need for a remise. According to her, obsolete technology causes an employer to waste 21 days each year, which is more than most paid annual leave allowances. Hence, the need for a time and cost-effective solution designed to give people what they deserve to help them focus on what matters most. 

The Hulerhub SaaS shall, unlike other generic interfaces, will provide organizations with a personalized hybrid digital home to optimize the employee experience and save time, she said.

Hulerhub has already received interest globally, raised an initial $7 million investment from the UK, US, and Canada. Expressing delight at the launch, Nicky added,

We’ve faced plenty of challenges over the last 12 months as leaders, forcing us to pivot and question whether our existing system architecture can adapt to change and ensure that we’re connected to our people. Above all, the pandemic forced us to rethink the importance of people-led rather than process-led technologies inside a distributed future of work.

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