HubSpot appoints Yamini Rangan as new CEO, former CEO Brian Halligan becomes executive chairman
SaaS News - HubSpot appoints Yamini Rangan as new CEO, former CEO Brian Halligan becomes executive chairman (source: SaaS Industry)
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HubSpot announced its Q2 2021 earnings and change of leadership. As per the announcement, Brian Halligan, its former CEO, is now the executive chairman, while Yamini Rangan, its former chief customer officer, becomes the new CEO.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS provider HubSpot has announced that its Co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan, would move to the position of the company’s executive chairman and Yamini Rangan, its chief customer officer, has been promoted to the position of CEO.

In a blog post, Mr. Halligan expressed delight at starting the new role and added that Yamini is the perfect CEO to write HubSpot’s next chapter.

Our employees have gotten to see Yamini’s leadership first-hand over the past few months as she ran day-to-day operations at HubSpot while I was recovering from a snowmobiling accident. The results speak for themselves, but I wanted to share a few reasons why Dharmesh and I (alongside the HubSpot Board) know Yamini is going to be great as our new CEO

Brian Halligan, Founder and CEO, HubSpot

Mr. Halligan hailed Yamini’s experience and stated that she brought with her remarkable lessons from those experiences. Stressing that Yamini’s qualities revolved around customer-centricity, CRM expertise culture and curiosity, and continuity, Mr. Halligan added,

HubSpot has been built on big bets that our customers and partners depend on to grow their business. I want to spend my time as I return partnering deeply with Dharmesh and Yamini and our Board on those bets, and on empowering Yamini to focus on scaling our company, our culture, and our customer experience.

Brian Halligan, Founder and CEO, HubSpot

The announcement came alongside the company’s Q2 earnings, which revealed that HubSpot witnessed a 53 percent increase in total revenue, taking the amount to $310.8 million from Q2 2020. Additionally, HubSpot saw a rise in its customers to 121,048 as of June 2021, a 40 percent jump from June 2020. Its total average subscription revenue per customer touched $10,198 this quarter, an eight percent increase compared to Q2 2020.

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