Hexnode unveils its third annual virtual user conference, HexCon22

Hexnode announces the details of its third annual user conference – HexCon22
Apu Pavithran, founder and CEO of Hexnode.

Mitsogo Inc.’s Hexnode enterprise security system is getting ready to host HexCon22, its third annual virtual user conference. The open event planned to run from September 21 until September 23, will feature roughly 100 presenters from various sectors, including endpoint management, cybersecurity, and more.

The keynote address will be delivered by Apu Pavithran, the founder and CEO of Hexnode, to open the event. Later, he’ll be joined by Bijo Paulose John, Sahad M, and Rachana Vijayan (CMO and Director of Sales, Marketing, and Partnership) (COO). More notable speakers at the event include Joe Tidy, a reporter for BBC News Cyber, Burton Kelso, a chief technology expert at Integral, Brian Contos, a chief security officer of Phosphorous Cybersecurity Inc., as well as many other CEOs, CISOs, and industry representatives from around the world.

“We aim to bring together the best in the industry experts and hear their perspectives on the evolving technological trends. Every tech enthusiast will find something to pique their interest. Building awareness, imparting knowledge, and keeping up with the times is the essence of HexCon22”

Apu Pavithran, founder and CEO of Hexnode. 

HexCon21 was a big success and received a lot of media coverage. This year, HexCon22, an enterprise security conference, is a not to be missed event for every IT enthusiast. Experts in enterprise mobility management, endpoint security, cybersecurity, IoT, and topics relevant to managing remote work, hybrid work, creating a healthy workplace, etc., will be present at the event. The conference will also serve as a forum for Hexnode customers and partners to analyze “everything Hexnode,” setting the way for upcoming feature launches and product announcements.

HexCon22 this year will focus on education, networking, and fostering a sense of professional camaraderie while also introducing an updated security roadmap for businesses.

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