HealthEdge and Thoughtworks enter a partnership to build a center of excellence across operations

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HealthEdge announced its decision to team up with the global software consultancy ThoughtWorks to build a world-class team across its operations, to scale their processes, sourcing, capacity building, to train, and effectively onboard engineering leaders in India; basically a plan to build a center of excellence across its operations.

The planned center of excellence is set to multitask various functions such as development, product management, technical operations, and DevOps. The collaboration team shall aim to achieve organizational goals taking into account crucial programs like transformation, performance scalability, and data lake development.

Commenting on the partnership, Sameer Soman, ThoughtWorks MD in India, lauded HealthEdge, who, according to their CEO Steve Krupa is flexible, progressive, and pride itself on core principles of customer value. He added that ThoughtWorks were looking forward to elevating the engineering mindset and culture of excellence within HealthEdge.

HealthEdge provides modern healthcare IT solutions for insurers to improve their business models. Built on modern, patented technology, its next-generation enterprise solutions are delivered to customers via their cloud or onsite deployment. Being the health industry’s first digital nervous system, they provide an innovative and collaborative environment, thriving on teamwork and delivery excellence. 

HealthEdge secured a spot in the 2021 Top Workplaces USA and bagged the National Elite Winner in Employee Achievement and Recognition designation for the 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. Before 2020 culminated, they added two additional products, Burgess Sources, and GuidingCare to complement their core administration system. 

With respect to India, Steve Krupa states,

Our India-based operation is at a point of extreme acceleration, and with the help ThoughtWorks, we aim to be the premier employer for India’s best talent.”

ThoughtWorks, on the other hand, is a software consultancy employing over 8000 across 48 offices in 17 nations. Riding through 25 plus years of experience, they help their clients with business problems using technology.

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