Headless eCommerce startup Shopistry raises $2M in a seed round

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Shopistry, a headless eCommerce startup, has raised $2 million in a seed round. The CEO will use the additional fund to expand the company’s development and attract sales and marketing personnel. Jaafer Haidar and Tariq Zabian started the company in 2019.

Shopistry, a headless eCommerce startup, has announced that it has raised $2 million in a seed funding round. Participants in the round include Shoptalk founder Jonathan Weiner, Hatch Labs’ Amar Varma, Garage Capital, Mantella Venture Partners, and Raiven Capital.  

The funds will be used to expand the company’s toolbox of products, integrations, services, and managed infrastructure for companies looking to scale online.

Shopistry was founded in 2019 by Jaafer Haidar and Tariq Zabian. Jaafer has a background as a serial technology founder with e-commerce and cloud software exits and startups. When he came up with the idea for Shopistry, he was working as a venture investor. Tariq is a former general manager of the online classified marketplace OLX.

Customers can use Shopistry to build personalized commerce experiences that are available to everyone. Over the next five years, Jaafer believes headless architecture will become the dominant architecture, albeit he doesn’t like the term “headless.” He likes to use the term “modular.”

It’s a modular system, we call it ‘headless without the headaches,’ where you grab the framework to manage APIs. After a company goes live, they can spend 50% of their budget just to keep the lights on. They use marketplaces like Shopify to do the tech, and we are doing the same thing, but providing way more optionality. We are not a monolithic system.

Jaafer, the CEO, told TechCrunch

Jaafer and Tariq spent two years working with high-growth businesses to build their infrastructure before pursuing seed investment. Jaffer plans to use the additional funds to expand the company’s development and hire sales and marketing personnel.

Duncan Hill, co-founder and general partner at Mantella Venture Partners, said in a statement,

“At MVP we love companies that can simplify complexity to bring the proven innovations of large, technically sophisticated retailers to the masses of small to midsize retailers trying to compete with them. Shopistry has the team and tech to be a major player in this next phase of the e-commerce evolution. This was easy to get excited about.” 

Shopistry is already assisting merchants such as Honed and Oura Ring in managing their online stores without the expense, complexity, or requirement for a large technical crew.

“We are focusing next on the go-to-market perspective while we gear up for our big launch coming in the fourth quarter. There is also a big component to ‘after the sale.’ We want to create some amazing experiences and focus on back-office operations. We want to be the easiest way to control and manage data while maintaining a storefront.”

Jaafer Haidar
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