HB NEXT partners with Vacmobile Corporation to add COVID-19 vaccine and test management solutions to its platform

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HB NEXT Corporation teams up with Vacmobile, a healthcare SaaS and enterprise software solution providing digital access to the storage of vaccination and COVID-19 tests. The move shall enhance HB NEXT’s own healthcare management solution, Clear2, by simplifying and mitigating risks in assisting enterprises to tackle COVID-19

HB NEXT Corporation, the management consulting firm that offers workplace compliance, inspection, and training services, yesterday announced a partnership with Vacmobile Corporation, a healthcare SaaS mobile application, to add COVID-19 vaccine and test management to its health management solution, Clear2.

Together, the companies aim to provide a comprehensive platform for organizations to effectively manage COVID-19 protocols and compliance and create safe environments for employees, customers, visitors, and students.

What is Clear2?

HB NEXT’s health management solution Clear2 employs a simple mobile application alongside a cloud-based administrative portal to help organizations access data quickly and easily. With the help of Vacmobile’s platform, it will help simplify compliance and help mitigate risk by assisting enterprises in COVID-19 tacklings, such as performing faster contact tracing and producing electronic compliance records.

The collaboration would give businesses access to a set of features alongside contact tracing. They include self-attestation surveys, temperature screening, verification of test results, and vaccination credential, among others. 

Tony Middlebrooks, CEO of HB NEXT, stated that with the new partnership, empowered by advanced tools in safety compliance measurements, HB NEXT would be able to continue its commitment towards protecting customers across the globe.

“We recognize that validated COVID-19 vaccinations and test results will be an important component of risk-mitigation for corporate, healthcare, and educational settings,“

Tony Middlebrooks, CEO of HB NEXT

HB Next is known for its workplace safety and compliance solutions, while the Atlanta-based Vacmobile Corporation delivers an end-to-end digital solution for managing immunization records. Its SaaS platform helps enterprises maintain compliance with public health regulations, and its application allows an individual to demonstrate on-demand proof that they are up to date on their immunizations, in compliance with existing organizational compliance norms. Its digital app also assists in certifying personal vaccination status.

Jennifer Sparks, CEO of Vacmobile, noted that as the world returns to normalcy in a post-pandemic world, consumers will have a need to safely store and share their vaccination credentials and even provide on-demand proof of negative COVID-19 test results. Hence comes the necessity to manage risk, for which enterprises will have to set target goals for immunity and have a mechanism for measuring stats within their own ecosystem.

“Our collaboration with HB NEXT will streamline data management for both consumers and enterprises and add value to the workplace safety solution trusted by many national brands, such as DR Horton, KB Home, The Southern Company, Goodyear, and more,”

Jennifer Sparks, CEO of Vacmobile
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