Google launches Google Cloud Retail Search

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Google has announced Google Cloud Retail Search, a new tool aimed at helping merchants enhance their e-commerce systems’ product search capabilities. Retail Search is a fully managed service that complements Google’s Retail Product Discovery Solutions.  

Google has announced that it has launched Google Cloud Retail Search, a new tool to assist merchants in enhancing their e-commerce systems’ product search capabilities. The cloud service claims to provide merchants with “Google-quality” search capabilities that may be altered to their business requirements.

With Google’s understanding of user intent and context, Retail Search is meant to give an edge to retailers. This knowledge is used to evaluate consumer behavior across websites and mobile applications and connect user intent to product availability. Retailers may utilize the technology to create tailored search experiences with auto-suggestions, relevant promotions, and personalized results. With each inquiry, machine-learning-based search results improve.

Providing quality search results is an industry-wide challenge. While traditional search platforms are keyword-based, Google’s semantic understanding of query intent and product Knowledge Graph enables retailers to dramatically improve experiences for customers with learning-based search. Retail Search helps get shoppers what they want faster, leading to higher conversion rates and happier consumers.

Srikanth Belwadi, Google Cloud group product manager

Retail Search is a fully managed service that complements Google’s Product Discovery Solutions for Retail, collecting additional tools for shops. Developers may deploy and connect the search tool with other Product Discovery Solutions, such as Recommendations AI and Vision Product Search, thanks to Google Cloud’s unified Retail API.

After a trial run, Macy’s has decided to use Retail Search, claiming increased click-through rates and revenue per visit.

Understanding our customers’ needs and being able to deliver results seamlessly is critical to providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

Macy’s director of product management, Jilberto Soto
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